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About FPR Inc.

FPR Inc. has been renovating and resurfacing swimming pools since 1994. Since then, FPR has perfected its own unique method of resurfacing with a fiberglass shell. By taking the time to prepare each pool for resurfacing, applying the shell correctly, and using a proprietary finish coat, FPRs pools will look better and last longer than any other resurfacing method available today!

Father and son, Dan and Jared Tucker, began resurfacing and renovating swimming pools after seeing traditional methods, such as re-plastering, fail after only a few years of weathering. There was such a demand for their service, they incorporated FPR and began to complete over 200 residential and commercial swimming pools a year. Today FPR is the largest pool resurfacing company, featuring fiberglass, in the San Francisco Bay area.

FPR owes its success not only to its superior methods, but also to its unwavering commitment to customer service, integrity, and quality workmanship. By doing a job right the first time, FPR has quickly earned a reputation for excellence.

If you have a swimming pool that has seen better days, or just would like to give it a face lift, please contact us for a free estimate.