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What makes FPR the best?

After 30 years in the pool business in Contra Costa County and after testing everything from replastering to epoxy paint, I am totally convinced that fiberglass, when applied correctly, is far superior to any other surface for a swimming pool.

What makes FPR Inc. the BEST COMPANY to renovate and resurface your swimming pool?

FPR Inc firmly believes in doing a thorough, precise job that both our customers and we will be proud to "show off”! It takes our company a little longer than most other companies to fiberglass a pool because we do several unique time-consuming steps that we feel result in a better end product.

  1. We don’t sub-contract work out to other contractors (unless it is something very unusual with which we are not familiar). You deal with one company and one set of workers trained to high company standards.
  2. Before fiberglassing, we take the extra time to acid wash or power-wash the pool surface to be sure it is clean and porous.
  3. We use tested procedures in undercutting and fiber-puttying fixtures and preparing the tile for fiberglass to assure a good bond.
  4. If the tile is not being replaced, we under-cut the tile and x cut around the pool fittings then fiber-putty under the tile and around all fittings; this locks the fiberglass shell in position. This part of the process is unique to our company as far as I know.
  5. We are the only company that primers the pool by spraying a resin on and then rolling it into the porous surface to obtain maximum penetration and bonding. This unique procedure provides a better bond between the pool surface and the fiberglass.
  6. Using the best equipment available and the chopper-gun technique, we shoot an extra thick coat of fiberglass and pigmented resin onto the primered surface and roll it out with especially designed rollers to minimize any possible air bubbles between the layers.
  7. At this point the pool looks good and that’s where other companies stop. We come back, after the shell has hardened and sand the pool down again. We then apply our Finish Coat to add strength and beauty to the shell and give the pool a final finish that is smoother and whiter. The resin manufactures tell us that we are the only company in the bay area that finishes pools in this manner. The difference is a shell that is STRONGER, THICKER, SMOOTHER, WHITER, LOOKS WONDERFUL AND LASTS LONGER. When comparing our pools to any of our competitor’s the difference is very apparent, even to the untrained eye.
  8. We are the only company that has been in the pool business for over 30 years and gives a 10-year warranty on our fiberglass.
  9. We have experienced company representatives who come to your home and have the knowledge to discuss pool equipment, pool chemistry, fiberglass resurfacing, pool remodeling, tile, coping stone, brick, rock, etc.
  10. We have all the equipment to core drill the pool or to install new equipment, and we have in-house trained workers to do the job right.
  11. When resurfacing the coping stone or replacing it with brick or rock we deliver a professional job at below competitive prices.
  12. We are the only company that offers you a hassle-free pool featuring the only company on-site chlorine generator. This unit not only manufactures and dispenses the pool sanitizing chemicals every day, but the unit can also be used to adjust pH of the pool water without adding or buying commercial chemicals. (We put salt in the machine not in your pool.) Using the “CHLORINE FACTORY” you can DROP YOUR CHEMICAL COST TO ABOUT $10.00 PER YEAR and lower the ELECTRICAL COST of your PUMP MOTOR UP TO 50%.

Every year we remove and replace at least one fiberglass shell that was done by a company that cut corners, usually by either failing to prepare the pool surface properly or by applying too thin of a coat of glass on the pool. This is sad because fiberglass is a great product when it is done right.

All in all, we are very proud of our company and the job we do and feel that you would be extremely happy using Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing as your pool remodeling company. We look forward to being of service to you. If you have any questions, feel free to call 1-(800)610-7873.

Daniel M. Tucker, President